Given design criteria provided by our customers, we provide conceptual design services to meet the specific needs of the system/client.  Proto-typing and designs using 3D modeling software to ensure manufacturablitiy.

Tormak provides structural engineering design and evaluation services to a wide range of sectors.   With expertise in dynamic and fatigue loading effects on supporting structures or equipment, we work closely with our customer's engineering or management team to assist in areas that required detailed review and/or analysis.  Also, collaborating with consultants, fabricators or manufactures to assist in their specific needs,  Tormak Engineering provides functional and innovative turn-key design solutions to its clients.   

We review your designs/equipment to ensure code compliance and/or optimal design configurations are achieved.  Linear and non linear finite element analysis to optimize weight while maintaining safety requirements.



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Complete detailing services for fabrication projects.   Designs to suit applicable codes and regulations including the Canadian Structural Steel Code (CSA-S16).